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The Story Behind 
Wine Bottle Lights


The idea to make these Wine Bottle Lights came to me through a need to keep creating artistically during these tumultuous times.  One evening, while reading and enjoying a good glass of red, I came across some gorgeous photos of fairy light bottles. 

I work solo from home while wrangling my twins hence the abundance of empty wine bottles. Kidding...sort of ;)  They keep me busy so it's a fine balance to create these pieces and keep the home ship afloat.  

Inspired by local artists and a garage full of empty bottles, the paintings are done with a variety of techniques using acrylics.  The vinyl embossed bottles are a new addition and are made to order. Every bottle comes with an LED fairy light string ending in a cork shaped stopper.

It's important to note that glass is never perfect!  There are tiny air bubbles and little imperfections that make it both beautiful and unique.  I do my best to choose the clearest and smoothest bottle possible but these tiny imperfections just add to the character! 


Feel free to check out my Etsy Shop page!

Cheers and enjoy!

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